Mary Lynn is available to play for your wedding or special occasion

Common Ground on the Hill 2020

QuaranTUNE Dulcimer Festival 2020

QuaranTUNE Dulcimer Festival 2020

QuaranTUNE Dulcimer Festival 2020

"For Ireland, I'd not tell her name" - Evart 2019

"Out the Buckhorn Way" -  Evart 2019

"Rumbling Quadrille/Frenchie's Reel"- Evart 2019

"Round the Horn" - 1st annual Baltimore Old-Time Music Festival

"Y.Z. Hamilton" - 1st annual Baltimore Old-Time Music Festival

"Amelia's Waltz" - Black Mountain Music Festival 2018

"Amelia's Waltz/ Dull Chisel" - Evart 2018

"Mouth of the Tobique/ Frenchie's Reel"

Coffeehouse Showcase - Sandbridge Dulcimer Retreat, Spring 2018

"Frenchies" - Evart 2017

French Horn Solo "Princess Leia Theme" - Durham Symphony

"His Voice as the Sound of the Dulcimer Sweet" - Blacknall Presbyterian Church Choir

See What People Are Saying About Her Performances

"Last June my husband and I had a New Beginnings Celebration at sunrise in honor of our wedding. All of our friends gathered to watch the sun rise over the Chesapeake Bay to the music of Mary Lynn. It was magical! Everyone who came loved the event and particularly commented on the music. Some guests even videoed her because they wanted to share what they experienced with friends. Mary Lynn is VERY easy to work with, accommodating, and an AMAZING musician who is sure to please beyond belief! I am so thankful that she was able to share in our special day."

~Nora Thompson, MD

"We all loved your solo I'm forwarding this to Ken to say thanks for your wonderful suggestion to have Mary Lynn join our concert. She's the ideal musician and her love of the instrument was obvious to everyone. We all loved her!!"

~Mark W, 4th of July concert, Catonsville, MD

"Mary Lynn is an "always" musician: always on time (always early), always prepared, always musically expressive, always easy to work with. Whether playing the horn or hammered dulcimer, I have had the pleasure of experiencing her "A game" every single time, without even a hint of "look at me" attitude. She is an ideal musician!"

~David Stuntz, Director of Music, Blacknail Church.

"Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story took the Broadway stage to a new level of excellence. The DSO was at its best in the performance of the Overture in the Peress arrangement. The energy, the scenic drama, the swinging tunes and dances were captivating with some extraordinary solo work from key principals. A gorgeous French horn solo by Mary Lynn Michal stands out in my memory."

~Kevin Hoover,  review of a performance with The Metropolitan Opera Stars

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