Mary Lynn is teaching several online classes through HD Homeland

Free & low-cost resources, dulcimer classes, tech help, and more for hammered dulcimer players

Mary Lynn offers private and group lessons in Hammered Dulcimer, French Horn, and Piano for children & adults in the Middletown, MD area or online using Facetime or Zoom.

Rental instruments (hammered dulcimer) are available at $30 per month. You may rent for as long as it is necessary. A portion of the rental ($20 per month) may be applied to any instrument you purchase from Mary Lynn’s Music.

Mary Lynn is an authorized distributor of

Dusty Strings Dulcimers  

Group Led Jam Lessons

Distance Lessons via Facetime

French Horn

Dulcimer Lessons

"Walking Stones/ Caspian Lake"

See What People Are Saying About Their Lessons with Mary Lynn

"I have had the pleasure of taking Face Time lessons for hammered dulcimer from Mary Lynn now for soon to be two years. I have not regretted this decision or the time spent. Her instruction has added tremendously to my enjoyment of playing the HD. She brings an energy and enjoyable approach to music that makes one want to push to see just how far it’s possible to go. I have never met someone who has such an educated ear to hearing the nuances of playing the dulcimer. I would encourage anyone to consider lessons with Mary Lynn…but be ready to give it your all!"

~John W., Ocean Springs, MS

"Taking my lessons over FaceTime is like having Mary Lynn standing right beside me. I'm 2,000 miles away but it doesn't feel like it. She can see my instrument and I can see hers. [During our lessons], if one method isn't working she quickly comes up with another idea for me to try—her patience is limitless! Thanks to Mary Lynn, my playing and understanding of music has improved in ways that I never expected."

~Nancy G., Green Valley, AZ

"Mary Lynn is truly a gifted teacher. She listens intently not only to what I’m playing but also to my questions and frustrations. Always encouraging and thinking outside the box to help me push past my roadblocks. Mary Lynn doesn’t just teach tunes she teaches her students how to make music on the hammer dulcimer."

~Cindy M.,

"Your teaching style is excellent (coming from a career teacher). Great players are not always great teachers. You are both. Thank you for the effort you put into this presentation."

~Jim R.,

"Mary Lynn has the teaching gene. She has an extensive musical background, knows how to teach and has the ability to listen to each student’s musical goals, evaluate where they are with their skills and make individual lesson plans for that particular student. With the use of modern technology I am able to have a quality teacher in my home each week who has an uncanny knack of spotting my trouble spots and then giving me some practice techniques that work. She has taught me how to practice. I highly recommend her as a teacher. She is top notch!!"  

~Sandra B.,  former teacher and Facetime student for 1.5 years

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